Meet Mark

Faith, Responsibility, Security

Three words that help describe Mark Pryor.

Mark’s Christian faith has instilled in him values that shape his life. It describes who he is and how he approaches his job as a U.S. Senator.

Mark understands that no man, woman or political party has all the answers. Instead, by listening to Arkansans and reaching across the political aisle, he has a proven record of finding common ground and bipartisan solutions. Putting Arkansas first, regardless of political consequences, is his trademark in the Senate.

Mark’s faith was the bedrock of his life when he fought life-threatening type of cancer nearly 20 years ago. Cancer humbles a person, and reminds you what is truly important. It also gives you a deep appreciation of the financial and emotional struggles families face when confronted with a serious illness.

Mark’s deep sense of responsibility in how we govern stems from his personal foundation of faith.

Mark believes we have a responsibility to our seniors, our veterans, and most importantly our children. It’s why he opposes cutting Social Security and veterans’ benefits, or converting Medicare into a voucher program run by the insurance companies. It’s why Pryor was able to successfully eliminate toxic and unsafe toys that caused thousands of injuries and deaths each year, and why he is fighting yet today to protect our kids from inappropriate content on the Internet.

Mark believes we must responsibly cut government spending, which is why he has supported legislation cutting hundreds of billions from the federal budget. Yet Mark opposes the radical and irresponsible spending cuts that would break our commitments to our seniors and veterans, or weaken the security of our nation.

Mark also believes in personal responsibility. Everyone needs to contribute to the well-being of our nation. Everyone. Government is not the cure-all for every problem we face and it can often get in the way of individual initiative and success. That is why Mark is working to eliminate senseless government regulations, and believes that those who work hard and succeed in life should not be punished for their success.

Our nation’s security is the number one priority for Mark. That means a strong military and the capacity to fight terrorism at home and abroad. But it also means bringing to an end in a responsible fashion our hard fought wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while avoiding intervention in regional conflicts that do not threaten our national security.

Our nation’s security also means growing our economy with good paying jobs and equal pay for equal work. It means energy independence, including alternative energy sources. It depends on affordable college and post-secondary job training programs, and equal opportunity for all.

Values grounded in his Christian faith, tested by his own successful battle with cancer, and applied on a daily basis to his work on behalf of the people of Arkansas, Mark Pryor ignores partisan politics to do his very best for the people of Arkansas. Instead of “politics as usual,” Mark works for responsible, bipartisan solutions that secure the future of our nation for generations to come while keeping our commitments to our seniors and veterans. With Mark Pryor, “Arkansas Comes First.”


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