Start a Video Website and Make Money

Starting a video website is easier than it sounds. You don't have to create your own videos, instead you can freely cut and paste from the vast pool of all the existing entertaining videos on the web. To start earning major profit from your video website you follow these three steps:

1. Find the best vids. If you want people to visit your site, you going to have to have some killer videos. They don't have to be phenomenally made or slick, more times than not its the amateur vids that are the best. They really just need to be entertaining, weird, or maybe a bit repulsive. The great news is you can find a handful of sites which have all these great videos on them already, and you can simply borrow from them or re-direct to them.

2. Make Friends. One awesome way to get your site noticed is by making friends with other video websites. Most all video websites have a '' friends '' section on their frong page. By being listed on friends sections automatically puts you "on the map". People see that you are an extension of the already trusting video site they go to, and likely they will hit you up and check your site out. There are various ways to get on a friends list, such as sharing videos or promoting their site in one way or another.

3. Make Money. Steps one and two will bring in traffic and step three is where the actual money comes from. Start placing small ad's on your site. Google Ads are generally the most popular. Next, put some "online products" on your page. These are basically good selling products which you place on your page and serve as an "affiliate". You embedd a code in the product and once someone buys it from your site, then you usually get a 50-75% cut! There are products out there that sell like hotcakes and just one of them can make you tons of dough. Adding several can easily turn your video website into a money making machine.

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