Make A Lot of Money With Your Video Camera

If you have a simple video camera, a good idea or just some foolish friends, you may be able to make a lot of money using both of them. The latest craze these days is viral videos, and getting them out to the masses has never been easier. YouTube has been the biggest place to air all kinds of videos, and viral videos have become a big part of the younger generations entertainment. Some of these amateur video creators have been discovered to actually get paid for some of their zany creations. Also, other videos have become super popular to the point that those videos have made money for their owners as well.

It doesn't take much to post a video on YouTube and simply wait to see if your video is the one to make a lot of money for you. From silly bird videos to fat guys slipping on diving boards, many of these simple videos have generated income for someone. You could next to get paid for your silliness, especially if you have extremely funny, or stupid, friends.

The next time you have a buddy who has had a few beers and then wants to do anything with that trampoline in your yard, break out that video camera and get ready to make a lot of money. You know you have seen too many of these videos to really think it is going to end in some kind of boring way! If you are lucky, your friend will only find himself with minor injuries, and big money to cover the medical bills.

Ultimately, it might not be the most creative video that will make a lot of money for you, but capturing that special moment, regardless how rehearsed or random it might be, will be your gold mine if you can get it out to the public. You can never truly predict what will become the next phenomenon to the hoards of common people watching YouTube, and maybe your drunken buddies or sleeping pet might be that meal ticket you have been searching for all your life. So don't be too hard on your not so bright friend, and realize his moment could be coming for you to capitalize on, or at least get paid back for all the things he has broken of yours with his crazy antics.

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