How To Make Money Online By Branding PLR Videos And Other PLR Products

PLR Videos and Branding Those PLR ​​Videos as well as any Internet Marketing PLR products, can be a very good way to earn money online these days.

To be even some what successful in Internet Marketing these days it is best if you can create and market your own products.

That is easier said than done.

One of the hottest trends on the market right now is video tutorials. Creating your video tutorials can be daunting to say the least. You need the proper software, hardware and the know-how to use them.

That's just the making part of the video – now you need to render or produce your video so others can view on their computers.

What settings are best?
What is the best format to end up with?
Do I upload to YouTube – How?

These are just a few of those "daunting" tasks I referred to earlier.

This is where PLR ​​Videos come to the rescue.

PLR Videos, aka Private Label Rights Videos, are videos that you can brand as your own and depending on the specific "Rights" you have, you can edit, change the entire video by adding your own voice, or just slap your custom title page at the beginning of the videos. This is called Branding the PLR ​​Videos.
More PLR ​​Video buyers than not, simply upload the videos as they received them and try and sell them without so much as adding their own title page or any branding at all.

That's fine and dandy for those of us that DO take the extra steps (& minimal effort) to brand or edit the PLR ​​Videos will reap much greater rewards for our efforts – in my humble opinion.

There are Open Source or Free video editing software you can download, that are not that difficult to use. Do a search for FREE video editing software and you'll see what I mean.

The minimum amount of editing I would recommend, is to create a simple title (beginning of video) & credits (at the end of video) clip. These "clips" are images that tell viewers who you are (title clip) and a "Call To Action". Basically, where they can find out more about you and-or the video they just watched.

Branding PLR Videos as well as any PLR Products, is the least you should do before you start selling them. Try adding your own voice, or taking image captures of sections of the video and create a "graphic" loaded pdf. Offer the source (Word Doc) files of your graphic pdf as an upsell or a bonus to your video package.

Your imagination is your own limitation as to what you can do with your PLR videos and other PLR products.

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